IDDE Resources

This is a compilation of IDDE resources fromgovernments, agencies and organizations around the country. If you would like to add your resources to this list, please e-mail Lori at

Outreach and Social Marketing

NEW! Social Marketing Guide to Reduce Dry Weather Sanitary Sewer Overflows

NEW! Hampton Roads Planning District Commission - Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination Field Guide for the Coastal Plain: How to Identify and Quickly Report Pollution Problems (editable Word document) 

Optical Brighteners

Eight Towns and the Bay Water Quality SamplingAn Optical Brightener Handbook

Measuring Optic Brighteners in Ambient Water Samples Using a Fluorometer

Evaluation of optical brightener photodecay characteristics for the detection of human fecal contamination

Volunteer Water Monitoring

Maine Healthy Beaches Program resources including posters, volunteer monitoring information, water quality monitoring, addressing pollution problems and educational resources for boaters

Oregon Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Program, including QAPP

Center for Watershed Protection. 2016. Safe Waters, Healthy Waters. Ellicott City, MD: Center for Watershed Protection.